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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Production of biochar and chemical products from banana and coffee residues after acid hydrolysis.RAMBO, M. K. D.; NOVOTNY, E. H.; CANELLAS, L. P.; AGUIAR, N. O.; AUCAISSE, R.
2013Pyrogenic carbon application and native soil organic matter decomposition in a sandy soil matrix.RITTL, T. F.; NOVOTNY, E. H.; BALIEIRO, F. de C.; HOFFLAND, E.; KUYPER, M. W.; ALVES, B. J. R.; RODRIGUES, A. F.
2014Effects of pyrogenic carbon feedstock and pyrolysis temperature on the oxidation kinetic and benzene polycarboxilic acids formation.CERQUEIRA, W. V.; RITTL, T. F.; PINHEIRO, M. A.; PEREIRA NETTO, A. D.; NOVOTNY, E. H.
2014Comparison of DNA extraction protocols for microbial communities from soil treated with biochar.LEITE, D. C. A.; BALIEIRO, F. C.; C. A. PIRES; MADARI, B. E.; ROSADO, A. S.; COUTINHO, H. L. C.; PEIXOTO, R. S.
2016Atrazine sorption in soil treated with biochar.NOVOTNY, E. H.; RESENDE, M. F. de; RAMOS, N. de A.; MADARI, B. E.
2015Challenging the claims on the potential of biochar to mitigate climate change.RITTL, T. F.
2015Colonização de plantas e germinação de esporos e fungos micorrízicos arbusculares na presença de biochar.DELA PICCOLLA, C.; NOVOTNY, E. H.; MURAOKA, T.; BRITO, J. O.; SAITO, M.
2015Effect of biochar on the water holding capacity of the Brazilian soils exemplified by sandy Northeast soil.CARDOSO, E. M. C.; DOUMER, M. E.; SHULTZ, J.; MANGRICH, A. S.; ROMÃO, L. P. C.; NOVOTNY, E. H.
2016Dynamic of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils treated with biochar.RESENDE, M. F. de; NOVOTNY, E. H.; BRASIL, T. F.; PEREIRA NETTO, A. D.; MADARI, B. E.
2012Molecular and morphological characterization of hydrochar produced by microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization of cellulose.GUIOTOKU, M.; HANSEL, F. A.; NOVOTNY, E. H.; MAIA, C. M. B. de F.