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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Agronomical performance of 'Piemonte' mandarin grafted on several rootstocks in the Brazilian Coastal Tablelands.CARVALHO, H. W. L. de; MARTINS, C. R.; TEODORO, A. V.; SOARES FILHO, W. dos S.; PASSOS, O. S.
2016Seasonal population abundance of the assembly of solitary wasps and bees (Hymenoptera) according to land-use in Maranhão state, Brazil.MATOS, M. C. B.; SILVA, S. S.; TEODORO, A. V.
2016The dung beetle assemblage (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) is differently affected by land use and seasonality in northeastern Brazil.BATISTA, M. C.; LOPES, G. da S.; MARQUES, L. J. P.; TEODORO, A. V.
2012Acarofauna associada a cafeeiros em função da distância de fragmentos florestais.CARVALHO, T. M. B. de; REIS, P. R.; SILVA, E. A.; TEODORO, A. V.
2013Apple biological and physiological disorders in the orchard and in postharvest according to production system.MARTINS, C. R.; HOFFMANN, A.; ROMBALDI, C. V.; FARIAS, R. de; TEODORO, A. V.
2011Forest fragments contribution to the natural biological control of spodoptera frugiperda Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in maize.SOUSA, E. H. S.; MATOS, M. C. B.; ALMEIDA, R. S.; TEODORO, A. V.
2014Polymer/layered silicate nanocomposite as matrix for bioinsecticide formulation.BATISTA, D. P. C.; SOUZA, R. da S.; MAGALHAES, N. S. S.; SENA FILHO, J. G. de; TEODORO, A. V.; GRILLO, L. A. L.; DORNELAS, C. B.
2016Citrus rootstocks influence the population densities of pest mite.SILVA, R. R. da; TEODORO, A. V.; VASCONCELOS, J. F.; MARTINS, C. R.; SOARES FILHO, W. dos S.; CARVALHO, H. W. L. de; GUZZO, E. C.
2013Relative contribution of biotic and abiotic factors to the population density of the cassava green mite, Mononychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae).RÊGO, A. S.; TEODORO, A. V.; MACIEL, A. G. S.; SARMENTO, R. A.
2013Driving factors of the communities of phytophagous and predatory mites in a physic nut plantation and spontaneous plants associated.CRUZ, W. P.; SARMENTO, R. A.; TEODORO, A. V.; NETO, M. P.; IGNACIO, M.