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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Fatty acids profile and thermal properties of macauba palm pulp oil from Cerrados and Pantanal biomes, Brazil.FAVARO, S. P.; CICONINI, G.; SANTOS, G. P.; MIRANDA, C. H. B.
2013Macauba palm pulp oil and olive oil: comparative study of their effects upon dyslipidemia in rats.FAVARO, S. P.; AOQUI, M.; MORENO, S. E.; CICONINI, G.; MIRANDA, C. H. B.
2013Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Macauba Palm Pulp Oil from the Cerrados And Pantanal Biomes, Brazil.FAVARO, S. P.; CICONINI, G.; MIRANDA, C. H. B.; SOUZA, C. F. T.; BEARARI, L.
2013Cloning and initial characterization of cellulolytic enzymes selected in a metagenomic approach.FAHEEM, M.; VIDAL, J. F. D.; FERNANDES, J. P. C.; OLIVEIRA. G. M.; CAROLINE, C. F.; SOUTO, B. de M.; PARACHIN, N. S.; QUIRINO, B. F.; BARBOSA, J. A. R. G.
2013Screening of a moxotó goat rumen small insert metagenomic library for cellulosic activity for biotechnological use.RODRIGUES, L. P.; SOUTO, B. de M.; RAMOS, T. G. S.; FRANCO, O. L.; QUIRINO, B. F.
2013Isolation and characterization of the biotechnological potential of cerrados Soil microorganisms for the production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass.BITENCOURT, A. C. A.; FAVARO, L. C. de L.; FRANCO, O. L.; QUIRINO, B. F.
2013Microbial diversity in different stages of the ethanol production process using traditional techniques and molecular biology.COSTA, O. Y. A.; SOUTO, B. de M.; TUPINAMBÁ, D. D.; BERGMANN, J. C.; BITENCOURT, A. C. A.; MOURA, C.; SCHROEDER, L. F.; FRANCO, O. L.; QUIRINO, B. F.
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