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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Soil water dynamics in agroforestry systems.HUWE, B.; TEIXEIRA, W. G.; SCHROTH, G.; LEHMANN, J.
2000Vismia guianensis (Aubl.) Choisy, Clusiaceae: management factors in early stages of agroforestry systems.BOEHM, V.; SCHMIDT, P.; SKATULLA, M.; GASPAROTTO, L.; LIEBEREI, R.
1995Investigations on suitable tree especies for the reforestation of degraded land areas in Central Amazonia.BAUCH, J.; DUNISCH, O.; GASPAROTTO, L.; NEVES, E. M.; LIMA, R. M. B.; BUENO, M.
1995The experimental mixed cropping plantation two years after installation: a provisional balance for agriculture.GASPAROTTO, L.
1998Root distribution of four tropical usefull plants in the early state of plantation on degraded sites in Amazonia.VOB, K.; GASPAROTTO, L.; LIEBEREI, R.; FELDMANN, F.
1998Occurrence and characterization of different bacterial isolates from the rhizosphere of Bactris gasipaes H.B.K. and Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) Schum.KRUSE, W.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; LIEBEREI, R.
1998Rhizobial diversity in rain forest, natural reclamation and cultivated areas.SILVA, F. V.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; RUMJANEK, G.
1998Diseases in the useful plants cultivated in polyculture systems.GASPAROTTO, L.; VERAS, S. de M.
1998The role of the soil fauna in the litter decomposition process in primary forests, secondary forests and a polyculture plantation in Amazonia (SHIFT Project ENV 52).BECK, L.; GASPAROTTO, L.; FÖRSTER, B.; FRANKLIN, E.; GARCIA, M.; HARADA, A.; HOFER, H.; LUIZÃO, F.; LUIZAO, R.; MARTIUS C.; MORAIS, J. W. de; OLIVEIRA, E.; ROMBKE, J.
1998SHIFT project ENV 52: soil fauna and litter decomposition. The use of adapted soil biological methods to study macrofauna in Amazonian rain forests.GARCIA, M.; HOFER, H.; MARTIUS, C.; ROMBKE, J.; OTT, R.; BECK, L.