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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Solar radiation and potential evapotranspiration in monoculture and polyculture systems, fallow and primary forest in Western Amazonia.CORREIA, F. W. S.; MOREIRA FILHO, A. de O.; MARQUES, J. D.; SCHROTH, G.
1998Microbial respiration and biomass in tropical soil and litter.FARIAS, M.; FORSTER, B.; LUIZAO, R.
1998Earthworm densities in central Amazonian primary and secondary forests and a polyculture forestry plantation.ROMBKE, J.; MELLER, M.; GARCIA, M.
1998Litter production and decomposition in an agroforestry system with perennial crops.UGUEN, K.; BERNHARD-REVERSAT, F.; LUIZAO, F.; PEREIRA, J.; SCHROTH, G.
1998Study of the asexual propagation of sumauma (Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn) and castanha do Brasil (Bertholletia excelsa H.B.K.).MUROYA, K.; AZEVEDO, C. P. de
2002Microbial biomass as affect by litter quality and fertilization on a xanthic ferrasol.SILVA JR. J. P.; SILVA, R. B.; FERNANDES, T. P.; LEHMANN, J.
2000Dinamica de fosforo no solo sob cupuacu (Theobroma grandiflorum) e urucum (Bixa orellana) em um sistema agroflorestal na Amazonia Central.CAMPOS, C. E. B.; LEHMANN, J.; MACEDO, J. L. V. de; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da
1996Comportamento do mogno (Swietenia macrophylla Kinf) em sistemas agroflorestais na Amazônia Ocidental.SOUSA, S. G. A. de; MATOS, J. C.; ARCOVERDE, M.; WANDELLI, E.; PERIN, R.; FERNANDES, E.
1996Avaliação de sistemas agroflorestais em áreas de pastagens abandonadas e/ou degradadas na Amazônia Ocidental.SOUSA, S. G. A. de; FERNANDES, E. C. M.; MATOS, J. C. de S.; PERIN, R.; WANDELLI, E. V.; ARCOVERDE, M.; NEVES, A. L.
2002Influence of solar radiation on offshoot number and production of peach palm (Bactris gasipaes) in agroforestry systems in Central Amazonia.MORAES, C. R. A.; CASTRO, P. R. C.; BERNARDES, M. S.; MACÊDO, J. L. V.