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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Spatial and temporal change of the spontaneous vegetation in an agricultural field experiment.PREISINGER, H.; COELHO, L. F.; GASPAROTTO, L.; LIEBEREI, R.
2000Pueraria phaseoloides as a cover crop in agroforestry systems in the humid tropics: growth, nutrition and biological N2 fixation.SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; LEHMANN, J.; LOZADA, N.
2000Exogenous influences of the growth dynamics of plantation growth tree species of the central Amazon.DUNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.; GASPAROTTO, L.; AZEVEDO, C. P. de; NEVES, E.
2000Pest and disease incidence in agroforestry systems of the Brazilian Central Amazon.GASPAROTTO, L.; DUARTE A. J. A.; SCHROTH, G.; LIEBEREI, R.
2000Assessing nutrient flux control in agroforestry.LEHMANN, J.; SCHROTH, G.; TEIXEIRA, W. G.
2000Characteristics of sustainable polyculture production systems on terra firme.LIEBEREI, R.; GASPAROTTO, L.; PREISINGER, H.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Development and production of cupuacu-plants on degraded areas: implication of water relations.REISDORFF, C.; SCHROTH, G.; MOTA, A. M. da; GASPAROTTO, L.
1998Avaliação de sistema agroflorestal de castanha-do-brasil x cupuaçu em solos de baixa fertilidade.QUISEN, R. C.; SOUZA, V. F. de
2000Use of arbuscular mycorrhiza for perennial crops in Amazonia.SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; FELDMANN, F.; LIEBEREI, R.
1996Comportamento do mamoeiro em policultivo submetido a dois niveis de adubacao e inoculacao com fungos micorrizicos (FMVA).ARAUJO, R. da C.; MARTINS, G. C.; BUENO, N.; SILVA, S. E. L. da