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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Soil nutrient leaching in mixed tree cropping systems in the central Amazon.RENCK, A.; LEHMANN, J.; TEIXEIRA, W.; HUWE, B.; ZECH, W.
2000Single tree-effects on denitrification and soil microbial biomass in agroforestry systems and natural forests of the Amazon region.MENYAILO, O.; LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M.; ZECH, W.
2014O racismo ambiental nas APP's de Manaus.ARAÚJO, M. I. de; SOUSA, S. G. A. de; ANJOS, L. C. C. dos; ROÇODA, L. C. C.; TEIXEIRA, M. V.
2001Desempenho de cultivares de quiabo em condições de "terra firme" do estado do Amazonas.CARDOSO, M. O.
2000Soil physical and hydrological parameters as indicator for the sustainability of land use systems in degraded areas on terra firme in the Amazon basin.TEIXEIRA, W. G.; HUWE, B.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Fertilization effects on soil P, K, Ca and Mg contents in a mixed tree cropping system in Central Amazonia.MOTA, M. do S.; LEHMANN, J.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Phosphorus management for perennial crops in the Amazon.CRAVO, M. da S.; LEHMANN, J.; MACEDO, J. L. V.
2000Nutrient fluxes from litterfall in mixed cropping systems of the central Amazonia.UGUEN, K.; BERNHARD-REVERSAT, F.; LUIZAO, J. P.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Importance of Pueraria phaseoloides for the N cycle in tropical tree production.SILVA JUNIOR, J. P.; LEHMANN, J.
2000Development and production of several tropical species in agroforestry systems in the Brazilian Central Amazonia during six years.MACEDO, J. L. V.; PEREIRA, M. M.; GASPAROTTO, L.; SCHROTH, G.; LIEBEREI, R.