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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Recultivation of cleared and abandoned sites in the Amazon by agroforestry system, a SHIFT-project.GASPAROTTO, L.; FELDMAN, F.; ARAUJO, R. C.; MORAES, C. R. A.; LIEBEREI, R.
1995Studies related to the small productive systems from varzea of the Amazonas state.NODA, S. N. AZEVEDO, C. R.; BATISTA, V. S.; CAMPOS, M. A.; CASTELO BRANCO, F. M.; COSTA, S. S.; FRAXE, T. J. P.; LIMA, R. M. B.; MELLO, R. Q.; NODA, H.; PEIXOTO, G. N. A.; PEREIRA, H. S.; SARAGOUSSI, M.; SILVA, A. J. I.; SILVA, M. P. S. C.; WITKOSKI, A. C.
1995Production of urucum (Bixa orellana L.) inoculated with by micorrhizal fungi in mixed cultivation systems.NORMANDO, M. C. S.; IDCZAK, E.; MARTINS, G. C.; MACEDO, J. L. V.
1995Biomass production and mineral element content of selected useful tropical plants.SCHMIDT, P.; LIEBEREI, R.; PREISINGER, H.; GASPAROTTO, L.; BAUCH, J.
2000Soil physical and hydrological parameters as indicator for the sustainability of land use systems in degraded areas on terra firme in the Amazon basin.TEIXEIRA, W. G.; HUWE, B.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Fertilization effects on soil P, K, Ca and Mg contents in a mixed tree cropping system in Central Amazonia.MOTA, M. do S.; LEHMANN, J.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Development and production of several tropical species in agroforestry systems in the Brazilian Central Amazonia during six years.MACEDO, J. L. V.; PEREIRA, M. M.; GASPAROTTO, L.; SCHROTH, G.; LIEBEREI, R.
2000Assessment of ecotoxicological effects of pesticides on the soil fauna and soil processes under tropical conditions.ROMBKE, J.; GARCIA, M.
2000Phosphorus management for perennial crops in the Amazon.CRAVO, M. da S.; LEHMANN, J.; MACEDO, J. L. V.
2000Nutrient fluxes from litterfall in mixed cropping systems of the central Amazonia.UGUEN, K.; BERNHARD-REVERSAT, F.; LUIZAO, J. P.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P.; SCHROTH, G.