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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Leaf morphology and leaf anatomy of selected tropical timber trees of the Central Amazon.MORAIS, R. R. de; DUNISCH, O.
1998Phosphorus and aluminium in soil, leaves and litter of Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn and Virola surinamensis (Rol.) Warb.NEVES, E.; FERREIRA, C. A.; BELLOTE, A. F. J.; REISMANN, C. B.; GASPAROTTO, L.; DUNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.
1998Environment-tree growth relationships of plantation grown tropical tree species as a basis for sustainable timber production in mixed culture systems in central Amazonia.DUNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.; GASPAROTTO, L.; NEVES, E.; AZEVEDO, C. de; LIMA, R. de; MORAIS, R. de
1998Wood characteristics of plantation growth Ceiba pentandra from terra firme and varzea sites.AZEVEDO, C. P. de; DUNISCH, O.; FRANÇA, M. B.; NEVES, A. C.; VAN LEEUWEN, J.
1998Biomass and aspects of mineral nutrition of trees in the Amazon region.NEVES, E.; AZEVEDO, C. de; GASPAROTTO, L.; DUNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.
1998Xylem water conductance of 5 year old Swietenia macrophylla, Carapa guianensis, Cedrela odorata, Dipteryx odorata and Hymenaea courbaril.DUNISCH, O.; ERBREICH, M.; GASPAROTTO, L.; SCHROTH, G.
1998Investigations on tree species suitable for the recultivation of degraded land areas in Central Amazonia.DUNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.; MULLER, M.; SCHWARZ, T.; POLACZCK, S.; GASPAROTTO, L.; NEVES, E.; AZEVEDO, C. de; LIMA, R. de; MORAIS, R. de
1998Comparative study of wood characteristics of Carapa guianensis Aubl. from two plantations and a natural site in Central Amazonia.BAUCH, J.; DUNISCH, O.; SCHUSTER, F.; GASPAROTTO, L.
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