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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Soil microbiological properties and enzyme activity in agroforestry systems compared with monoculture, natural regeneration, and native Caatinga.MIGUEL, D. L.; SILVA, E. M. R. da; SILVA, C. F. da; PEREIRA, M. G.; LEITE, L. F. C.
2020Development and validation of a UPLC-ESI-MS method for quantitation of the anti-Alzheimer drug galantamine and other Amaryllidaceae alkaloids in plants.PAIVA, J. R. DE; SOUZA, A. S. DE Q.; PEREIRA, R. de C. A.; RIBEIRO, P. R. V.; ZOCOLO, G. J.; BRITO, E. S. de; PESSOA, O. D. L.; CANUTO, K. M.
2020Contribuições do geoprocessamento à compreensão do mundo rural e do desmatamento no bioma Amazônia.MIRANDA, E. E. de; CARVALHO, C. A. de; MARTINHO, P. R. R.; OSHIRO, O. T.
2019Iron fertilization to enhance tolerance mechanisms to copper toxicityof ryegrass plants used as cover crop in vineyards.DE CONTI, L.; CESCO, S.; MIMMO, T.; PII, Y.; VALENINUZZI, F.; MELO, G. W. B. de; CERETTA, C. A.; TRENTIN, E.; MARQUES, A. C. R.; BRUNETTO, G.
2020Performance of Jaffa sweet orange on different rootstocks for orchards in the Brazilian Northeast.TEODORO, A. V.; CARVALHO, H. W. L. de; BARROS, I. de; CARVALHO, L. M. de; MARTINS, C. R.; SOARES FILHO, W. dos S.; GIRARDI, E. A.; PASSOS, O. S.
2020Characterization of volatile and odor-active compounds of the essential oil from Bidens graveolens Mart. (Asteraceae).SILVA, A. C. R.; BIZZO, H. R.; VIEIRA, R. F.; BRINGEL JÚNIOR, J. B. A.; AZEVEDO, D. A.; UEKANE, T. M.; REZENDE, C. M.
2020Ethyl esters obtained from pequi and macaúba oils by transesterification with homogeneous acid catalysis.SANTOS, R. C. M. dos; GURGEL, P. C.; PEREIRA, N. S.; BREVES, R. A.; MATOS, P. R. R. de; SILVA, L. P.; SALES, M. J. A.; LOPES, R. de V. V.
2020GISH-based comparative genomic analysis in Urochloa P. Beauv.CORRÊA, C. T. R.; BONETTI, N. G. Z.; BARRIOS, S. C. L.; VALLE, C. B. do; TORRES, G. A.; TECHIO, V. H.
2020Evidence of acaricide resistance in different life stages of Amblyomma mixtum and Rhipicephalus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) collected from the same farm in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.HIGA, L. de O. S.; BARRADAS PIÑA, F. T.; RODRIGUES, V. da S.; GARCIA, M. V.; SALASE, D. R.; MILER, R. J.; LEON, A. P. de; BARROS, J. C.; ANDREOTTI, R.
2020NMR and LC-MS assessment of compound variability of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) stored under controlled atmosphere.COELHO, S. R. M.; ALVES FILHO, E. DE G.; SILVA, L. M. A. e; BISCHOFF, T. Z.; RIBEIRO, P. R. V.; ZOCOLO, G. J.; CANUTO, K. M.; BASSINELLO, P. Z.; BRITO, E. S. de