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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Soil-atmosphere flux of nitrous oxide and methane measured over two years on sand and clay soils in undisturbed forest at the flona Tapajos, Brazil.DIAS, J.; SOUSA, E.; SILVA, H.; KELLER, M.; CRILL, P. M.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C. de
2002The effects of partial throughfall exclusion on the seasonal photosynthetic light response of trees in a forest area in eastern brazilian Amazonia.DIAS-FILHO, M. B.; GUERRERO, J. B.; NEPSTAD, D. C.
2002Effect of soil texture on carbon dynamics and storage potential in tropical forest soils of Amazonia.TELLES, E. de C. C.; CAMARGO, P. B. de; MARTINELLI, L. A.; TRUMBORE, S. E.; COSTA, E. S.; SANTOS, J. dos; HIGUCHI, N.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; CAMPOS, E.
2002Épocas de plantio na formação de pastagens consorciadas no nordeste paraense.GONÇALVES, C. A.; SIMÃO NETO, M.; DUTRA, S.; CAMARÃO, A. P.; SOBRINHO JÚNIOR, C. de M.
2002Benefícios sociais do açaí manejado no Estado do Pará.SANTANA, A. C. de; LOPES, M. L. B.; HOMMA, A. K. O.; NOGUEIRA, O. L.
2002Exogenous Influences on the Growth Dynamics of High Quality Timber Species from the Amazon .DÜNISCH, O.; BAUCH, J.; GASPAROTTO, L.; NEVES, E.; AZEVEDO, C.; MORAIS, R.
2002Assessment of ecotoxicological effects of pesticides on the soil fauna and soil processes under tropical conditions.RÖMBKE, J.; GARCIA, M.
2002The function of the soil macrofauna in decomposition processes in Central Amazonian polyculture systems and forests.HÖFER, H.; BECK, L.; FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, M.; HANAGARTH, W.; LUIZÃO, F.; LUIZÃO, R.; MARTIUS, C.; MORAIS, J. W.; RÖMBKE, J.
2002Phosphorus management for perennial crops in Amazon.CRAVO, M. da S.; LEHMANN, J.; MACÊDO, J. L. V.
2002Abundance, biomass and diversity of the soil fauna in degraded areas under recuperation in the Central Amazon Region.GARCIA, M.; BECK, L.; FÖRSTER, B.; FRANKLIN, E.; HANAGARTH, W.; HÖFER, H.; LUIZÃO, F.; LUIZÃO, R.; MARTIUS, C.; MORAIS, J. W.; RÖMBKE, J.