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Title: Chemotaxonomic study of Baccharis subgen. Tarchonanthoides (Asteraceae) based on metabolomics approach and multivariate analysis.
Authors: COSOTI, R.
COSTA, F. B. da
Affiliation: R Casoti, University of São Paulo, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; GUSTAVO HEIDEN, CPACT; FB Da Costa, University of São Paulo, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Date Issued: 2014
Citation: In: 62nd International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, 2014, Guimarães. Book of abstracts. Guimarães, 2014. v. 1. p. 124.
Thesagro: Baccharis
NAL Thesaurus: chemotaxonomy
multivariate analysis
Keywords: LC-MS
Type of Material: Resumo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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