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Title: Análise de modelos de distribuição de freqüências e valores probabilísticos de evapotranspiração potencial para Nova Odessa,SP.
Authors: PEREIRA, A. S.
Affiliation: ANDERSON SOARES PEREIRA, CNPMA; JOSÉ ANTÔNIO FRIZZONE, Departamento de Engenharia Rural/ESALQ/USP; MARCELO BENTO PAES DE CAMARGO, Centro de Ecofisiologia e Biofísica IAC.
Date Issued: 2005
Citation: In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE AGROMETEOROLOGIA, 14., 2005, Campinas/SP. Agrometeorologia, agroclimatologia e agronegócio. Campinas/SP: CBAgro, 2005. p. 1-2.
Description: The distribution of frequencies of the potential evapotranspiration (ETo) estimated with Priestley-Taylor method was analyzed for the region of Nova Odessa, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The annual maximum values of accumulated ETo were adjusted for periods from 2 to 30 days to the normal, lognormal, gama, beta and gumbel frequency distribution models. Using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, it was verified that the distributions normal, lognormal, beta and gumbel presented good adjustment. The gama model did not present adjustment to the data of this study. The medium values of potential evapotranspiração were very close to the obtained at the level of 50% of probability (two years of return period) and lightly inferior to the values of ETo at the level of 75% of probability (four years of return period). Considering the recommendation of adopting the evapotranspiration at the level of 75% of probability, it is verified that a relative underestimation of the irrigations systems design in the region to the if it uses the medium value of ETo in projects.
Thesagro: Evapotranspiração
NAL Thesaurus: Evapotranspiration
Language: pt_BR
Type of Material: Separatas
Access: openAccess
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