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Title: Identification of fungus resistant wild accessions and interspecific hybrids of the genus Arachis.
Authors: MICHELOTTO, M. D.
RESENDE, M. D. V. de
Affiliation: Marcos Doniseti Michelotto, Agência Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegócios; WALDOMIRO BARIONI JUNIOR, CPPSE; MARCOS DEON VILELA DE RESENDE, CNPF; Ignácio José de Godoy, IAC; Eduardo Leonardecz, UnB; ALESSANDRA PEREIRA FAVERO, CPPSE.
Date Issued: 2015
Citation: PLoS One, v. 10, n. 6, June 2015.
Pages: 17 p.
Description: Peanut, Arachis hypogaea L., is a protein-rich species consumed worldwide. A key improvement to peanut culture involves the development of cultivars that resist fungal diseases such as rust, leaf spot and scab. Over three years, we evaluated fungal resistance under field conditions of 43 wild accessions and three interspecific hybrids of the genus Arachis, as well as six A. hypogaea genotypes. In the first year, we evaluated resistance to early and late leaf spot, rust and scab. In the second and third years, we evaluated the 18 wild species with the best resistance scores and control cultivar IAC Caiapó for resistance to leaf spot and rust. All wild accessions displayed greater resistance than A. hypogaea but differed in their degree of resistance, even within the same species. We found accessions with as good as or better resistance than A. cardenasii, including: A. stenosperma (V15076 and Sv 3712), A. kuhlmannii (V 6413), A. kempff-mercadoi (V 13250), A. hoehnei (KG 30006), and A. helodes (V 6325). Amphidiploids and hybrids of A. hypogaea behaved similarly to wild species. An additional four accessions deserve further evaluation: A. magna (V 13751 and KG 30097) and A. gregoryi (V 14767 and V 14957). Although they did not display as strong resistance as the accessions cited above, they belong to the B genome type that is crucial to resistance gene introgression and pyramidization in A. hypogaea.
Thesagro: Amendoim
Arachis Hypogaea
NAL Thesaurus: plant breeding
Keywords: Resistência à doenças
Melhoramento genético
Fungus resistance
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0128811
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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