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Title: Single marker assisted selection in Brazilian Morada Nova hair sheepcommunity-based breeding program.
Authors: LACERDA, T. S.
FARIA, D. A. de
LOBO, R. N. B.
SILVA, K. de M.
Affiliation: Thaísa Sant'Anna Lacerda, Universidade de Brasília (UnB) - Brasília, DF, Brazil; ALEXANDRE RODRIGUES CAETANO, Cenargen; OLIVARDO FACO, CNPC; Concepta M. McManus, Universidade de Brasília (UnB) - Brasília, DF, Brazil; RAIMUNDO NONATO BRAGA LOBO, CNPC; KLEIBE DE MORAES SILVA, CNPC; SAMUEL REZENDE PAIVA, SRI.
Date Issued: 2016
Citation: Small Ruminant Research, v. 139, p. 15-19, June, 2016.
Description: Abstract: Morada Nova hair sheep show traits desirable for lamb production especially in extensive production systems in Northeastern Brazil, representing an important genetic resource for producing lamb in semi-arid climates in Brazil and elsewhere. Performance testing has been carried out annually with this breed since 2008. In the present study, Morada Nova sheep from two Brazilian states: Ceará (140 animals) and São Paulo (112 animals) were genotyped for a SNP associated with litter size, which is almost only found in Brazilian locally adapted sheep breeds (FecGE). The total observed frequency of FecGE was 0.65, while an increased number of observed heterozygotes was also observed (?2 = 7.274, p< 0.01). No significant FecGE allele frequency differences were observed (p = 0.3708) in 139 performance-tested rams classified as Elite/Superior or Regular/Inferior in the states of Ceará and São Paulo. Considering that litter size has been shown to positively affect farm profitability in medium to high input systems, we suggest that inclusion of FecGE genotyping information in future selection indexes estimated with basis on performance test data, fine-tuned to regional production systems may contribute to increase profitability gains observed in the Morada Nova community-based breeding program.
Thesagro: Ovino
Genética animal
NAL Thesaurus: Animal genetic resources
Reproductive performance
Keywords: Raça Morada nova
Teste de desempenho
Recurso genético animal
Performance testing
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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