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Title: Synchronizing the in vitro germination of Psidium guineense Sw. seeds by means of osmotic priming.
Authors: SANTOS, M. A. C. dos
REGO, M. M. do
Affiliation: Márcia Adriana Carvalho dos Santos, UFPB; Mailson Monteiro do Rego, UFPB; Manoel Abilio de Queiroz, UNEB; BARBARA FRANCA DANTAS, CPATSA; Wagner Campos Otoni, UFV.
Date Issued: 2016
Citation: Rev. Árvore [online], Viçosa, MG, 2016, v. 40, n.4, p.649-660, 2016.
Description: The Brazilian guava (Psidium guineense Swartz) is seed-propagated and, being native to the Caatinga biome, may frequently have uneven germination.Thus, we aimed to evaluate the synchronization of the in vitro seed germination of three accessions of the Brazilian guava, using water, polyethyleneglycol (PEG 6000), and potassium nitrate (KNO3) at different potentials and times of osmotic priming. Seeds from three accessions of the Brazilian guava (Y85, Y93,and Y97) from the UNEB/BA Germplasm Active Bank were subjected to the following pretreatments: -0.6, -1.0, -1.4, and -1,8 MPa PEG 6000; 10 and 20% KNO3 for 24h; 10 and 20% KNO3 for 48h; water for 24 and 48h; and non-primed seeds as the control. The experimental design was therefore a 10x3+1 factorial scheme. We assessed the germination percentage (G), mean germination time (MGT), germination speed (GS), and germination speed index (GSI). Data was subjected to analysis of variance followed by a means test (Duncan at 5% probability) and regression. There was interaction between the priming treatments and accessions for all evaluated features, except G. PEG 6000 decreased the MGT (from 6 to 8 days) and increased GS and GSI of seeds from all three accessions at potentials -1.0 to -1.5 MPa.Water-priming had a positive effect on MGT, GS, and GSI of accession Y85 seeds. KNO3 negatively affected germination of seeds from all three accessions. Thereby, we could synchronize seed germination of accessions Y85 and Y97 with PEG 6000.
Thesagro: Caatinga
NAL Thesaurus: Germination
Keywords: Psidium guineense Swartz
Germinação in vitro
Acessos de araçá
Brazilian guava
Planta nativa
ISSN: 1806-9088.
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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