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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnologia - Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Date Issued: 2013
Type of Material: Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Authors: LACERDA, A. L. M.
DUSI, D. M. de A.
GOMES, A. C. M. M.
Additional Information: Ana Luiza Machado Lacerda, UnB; DIVA MARIA DE ALENCAR DUSI, Cenargen; Elizangela Ribeiro Alves, UnB; JULIO CARLYLE MACEDO RODRIGUES, Cenargen; ANA CRISTINA MENESES M GOMES, Cenargen; VERA TAVARES DE CAMPOS CARNEIRO, Cenargen.
Title: Expression analyses of Brachiaria brizantha genes encoding ribosomal proteins BbrizRPS8, BbrizRPS15a, and BbrizRPL41 during development of ovaries and anthers.
Publisher: Protoplasma, v. 250, v. 2, p. 505-514, 2013.
Language: en
Description: Brachiaria brizantha is a forage grass of the Poaceae family. Introduced from Africa, it is largely used for beef cattle production in Brazil. Brachiaria reproduces sexually or asexually by apomixis, and development of biotechnological tools for gene transfer is being researched to support the breeding programs. The molecular bases of reproduction have not yet been fully elucidated; it is known that gametophyte formation and main reproductive events occur inside the anthers and ovaries. There is therefore much interest in identifying genes expressed in these organs and their corresponding upstream regulatory sequences. In this work we characterized three cDNA from ovaries of B. brizantha plants (CL 09, CL10, and CL21) which show similarity in databases with genes encoding ribosomal proteins S8, S15a, and L41 and were named BbrizRPS8, BbrizRPS15a, and BbrizRPL41, respectively. These clones show higher expression in ovaries, anthers and roots, mitotically active tissues, when compared to leaves of B. brizantha. Localization of transcripts of BbrizRPS8, BbrizRPS15a, and BbrizRPL41 was investigated in the reproductive organs, ovaries, and anthers, from the beginning of development up to maturity. Their activity was higher in early stages of anther development, while expression was detected in alldevelopmental stages in the ovaries, except for BbrizS15a, which was detected only in synergids of apomictic plants.
NAL Thesaurus: ribosomal proteins
Data Created: 2017-03-22
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