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Title: Infrastructure strategy, production technologies and agricultural equipment for adapting Brazilian agriculture to climate change.
Authors: PELLEGRINO, G. Q.
Date Issued: 2021
Citation: In: SOTTA, E. D.; SAMPAIO, F. G.; MARZALL, K.; SILVA, W . G. da (ed.). Adapting to climate change: strategies for Brazilian agricultural and livestock systems. Brasília, DF: MAPA, 2021.
Pages: p. 66-69.
Description: Chapter 2 of this compilation adopts an operationally focused approach, with various projects that propose implementing adaptation actions locally and directly in the field. These proposals include proposals to build physical structures and management and production techniques and different types of equipment, although they were not initially proposed as solutions or alternatives in view of the impacts of climate change on agriculture. However, beyond the most intuitive adaptation measures, such as genetic improvement and irrigation, this chapter opens a broader discussion of actions that go from specific local management to actions to be adopted by farmers "within farms", including structural actions that are or may be part of national policies and programs.
NAL Thesaurus: Climate change
Adaptive management
Agricultural management
Production technology
Keywords: Mudanças climáticas
Agricultura brasileira
Tecnologia de produção agrícola
Estratégia para infraestrutura
Gestão adaptativa
ISBN: 978-65-86803-61-7
Type of Material: Parte de livro
Access: openAccess
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