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Title: Balanço de Nitrogênio e Fósforo de propriedades pecuárias de uma microbacia hidrográfica.
Authors: PALHARES, J. C. P.
Affiliation: JULIO CESAR PASCALE PALHARES, CPPSE; ANDREA DEDINI JACOB ROMAN, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.
Date Issued: 2021
Citation: Revista em Agronegócio e Meio Ambiente, v.14, supl. 2, e8860, 2021.
Pages: 13 p.
Description: Nutrition balance in Brazil is a tool which has not yet been taken into consideration by the environmental and agrarian sciences and the authorities. The nutrition balance was calculated by animal waste as fertilizer. Difference between the intake of nutrients in wastes in the form of nitrogen and phosphorus and the sequester of nutrients by plant crops were obtained. Current analysis calculated the nutrient balance of livestock properties of the hydrographic micro-basin of the Dente River in Concordia, Brazil, focusing on the use of animal waste as fertilizer. Nutrient balance was calculated in ten farms representing three livestock activities in the micro-basin, or rather, swine farming, dairy cattle and aviculture. Nutrients supplied by animal waste did not meet demands required by agricultural crops in seven properties. Balance analysis revealed there was nutrient deficiency in most of the units evaluated. Only this analysis could erroneously cause an increase in animal stocks. However, the nutrient balance should be evaluated through other aspects.
Thesagro: Adubação
NAL Thesaurus: Animal wastes
Keywords: Dejetos animais
ISSN: 2176-9168
Language: Portugues
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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