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Title: Influência da adubação fosfatada e calagem sobre a absorção do zinco, em dois solos de Minas.
Authors: BAHIA, F. G. F. T. C.
Affiliation: EMBRAPA-CNPMS.
Date Issued: 1974
Citation: Revista Ceres, Viçosa, v. 21, n. 115, p. 167-192, 1974.
Description: Two experiments were installed in the greenhouse to study the relationships between phosphate fertilization, liming and zinc fertilization. One experiment used a red latosol soil while the other used a dark brown acid soil. Hybrid corn AG 206 was used to plant both experiments. The data collected consisted of dry matter productions level of zinc in the leaves, stems and tootes of the corn as well as the P/Zn and Ca/Zn rations in the leaves. Phosphate fertilization and liming lowed the level of zinc in the corn leaves to a point equal to or lower than 14 ppm. These leves were below 80% of the maximum yields of the experiments. The application of 4,5 ppm of zinc to the soil was adequate to raise the level of zinc in the leaves above the critical level. It also increase the production was limited by a zinc deficiency. The phosphorus and zinc interaction, which ocurred primarily in the roots of the plant, reduced the translocation of zinc to the leaves. The interaction between liming and zinc ocurred prior to the absorption of zinc by the plant. It aprears that there are ratios between phosphorus and zinc between calcium and zinc in the leaves which are critical to good plant growth. The critical P/Zn ratio is betwee 300 and 470 and the critical Ca/Zn ratio between 455-640.
Thesagro: Ácido
NAL Thesaurus: liming
Keywords: Bruno acido
Latossol roxo
Language: pt_BR
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
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