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Title: Genotype-environment interaction for eighteen month weightof Canchim cattle in São Paulo State, Brazil
Authors: MATTAR, M.
SILVA, L. O. C. da
Affiliation: Mara Mattar, Graduação FCAV/UNESP; Mauricio Mello de Alencar, CPPSE; FERNANDO FLORES CARDOSO, CPPSUL; A. S. Ferraudo, FCAV/UNESP; LUIZ OTAVIO CAMPOS DA SILVA, CNPGC; Ana Carolina Espasadin, UDELAR/Uruguai.
Date Issued: 2008
Citation: In: WORLD CONFERENCE ANIMAL PRODUCTION, 10., 2008, Cape Town. Abstracts... Cape Town: WAAP: SASAS, Wageningen Academic, 2008.
Pages: p.40.
Description: Genotype-environment interaction (GEl) in beefcattle can be characterized by the change of the ser of genes which express a trair in function of the environment production. Genetic correlation between the trair studied in different environments measures the extent in which this change occurs. The aim of this study was to evaluate rhe existence of GEl on eighteen monrh weight (EMW) in Canchim cattle. through genetic correlations obtained by bayesian inference. Three different clusters of cicties in the State of São Paulo. homogeneous with respect to environment variables. were considered as the environments. The statistical model included the fixed effects of contemporary group and age at weighing (covariate). and additive and residual random effects. The heritability estimares ofEMW were low to moderare in magnitude [0.20-0.35] for rhe three clusters. The genetic cotrelations berween EMW in rhe rhree clusters varied from 0.13 to 0.34. suggesting rhe existence of GEl. The results showed rhat phenotypic expression of EMW depended on the environment in which it was measured.
NAL Thesaurus: cattle
Keywords: Canchim
São Paulo State
Type of Material: Resumo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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