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Title: Height growth curve parameters of Nellore, Angus x Nellore, Canchim x Nellore and Simmental x Nellore females
Authors: ALENCAR, M. M. de
Affiliation: Maurício Mello de Alencar, CPPSE; Fabiana Barichello, Pós-graduanda UNESP; Pedro Franklim Barbosa, CPPSE.
Date Issued: 2008
Citation: In: WORLD CONFERENCE ANIMAL PRODUCTION, 10., 2008, Cape Town. Abstracts... Cape Town: WAAP: SASAS, Wageningen Academic, 2008.
Pages: p.43.
Description: The objective of mis study was to estimate the height growth measured on me hip from eight to 90 months of age (t) of femaIes of four genetic groups (GG): Nellore(NEL), Angus x Nellore (AN), Canchim x Nellore (CN) and SimmentaI x Nellore (SN). The animais were bom in two seasons (E: autumn and spring) and were submitted to three levels of supplementation (Treat), depending on me season (0.0 and 3.0 kg of concentrare for animais born in autumn, and 0.0. 1.5 and 3.0 kg of concentrare for animaIs born in spring). The estimate of height growth. as a function of t. was reaIized by Brody's non-linear model with parameter A (height at maturity). b (parameter mat shaped me curve) and k (rate of growth. rI). Using me MIXED procedure of SAS. me effects of GG. E, GG x E, and Treat( GG x E) on A, b and k were studied. The effect of GG on A was significant (P<0.05). indicating mat me genetic groups showed different height at maturity. For me parameters b and k. me effect ofTreat(GG x E) was significant (P<0.05). suggesting mat me effect ofTreat depended on GGxE.
Thesagro: Crescimento
Ganho de Peso
Keywords: Parametros
Language: Ingles
Type of Material: Resumo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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