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Title: Caprine commercialisation systems and carcass sections in the Northeast of Brazil.
Authors: VIDAL, D. de L.
Affiliation: CNPC.
Date Issued: 2000
Citation: In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GOATS, 7., 2000, Tours, France. Recueil des communications: proceedings. France: IGA, 2000. v. 1, p. 501-503.
Description: Abstract: The Brazilian Northeast region framework complexity in relation to goat products trade, generates a more careful analysis The and prospecting for economic agents, interacting structural components and inputs spatial allocation. This paper identifies the main circuits of goat meat commercialisation, their features and carcass cuts in the Ceara's State. A pilot countryside survey with four focus cities was conducted to provide a basic pop information framework on this area. The commercial relationships among the market agents in the different circuits and the cut Gross Value Added incorporation process are analysed. It was identified four fundamental commercialisation types. The necessity of an appropriated support prices policy to the semiarid conditions to the Artisan and Traditional Circuits type was recommended; Furthermore, the point of commercial activity strangulation is found in the small power of bargain and decision of the small farm households. Higher organisation level of the small farm households, is associated with beter familiar income in some commercialisation circuits.
Thesagro: Caprino
NAL Thesaurus: Goat meat
Meat byproducts
Keywords: Brasil
Type of Material: Artigo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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