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Title: Effects of cover crop and fertilization on nutrient dynamics in fruit tree cropping in the central Amazon.
Authors: TRUJILLO, L.
CRAVO, M. da S.
Affiliation: Bolsista CNPq; Embrapa Amazonia Ocidental; University of Bayreuth.
Date Issued: 2000
Citation: In: GERMAN-BRAZILIAN WORKSHOP ON NEOTROPICAL ECOSYSTEMS, 2000, Hamburg. Programa and abstracts... Hamburg: University, 2000.
Pages: p. 178.
Description: Study on oil and plant N dynamics as affected by fertilization and intercropping with a legume, in the central Amazon (Brasil). Soil samples up to 4 m depth were taken under guarana and in the middle between the trees at the end of the rainy and the end of the dry season. The results indicate large risks of nitrate leaching and a lack of available N at the end of the rainy season. The tree was able to use N from the subsoil and between the trees. However, without adequate fertilization with other nutrients than N and also with a cover crop, the N availability was higher than the demand by the tree. This lead to N leaching. Therefore, N fertilization could be reduced to more efficiently utilize the soil inherent N sources and the N supplied by the legume cover crop.
Thesagro: Adubação
Cobertura do Solo
Conservação do Solo
Fertilidade do Solo
Fertilizante Nitrogenado
Floresta Tropical Úmida
Paullinia Cupana
NAL Thesaurus: leaching
nitrogen fertilizers
soil fertility
tropical rain forests
soil conservation
Keywords: Cover plants
Fertilizers application
Type of Material: Resumo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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