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Title: Wood anatomical and technological properties of three species of Hymenaea L. (jatoba) on plantation and naturally grown trees.
Authors: ATAYDE, C.
Affiliation: Bolsista CNPq-Embrapa Amazonia Ocidental; INPA; Hiniversity of Hamburg.
Date Issued: 2000
Citation: In: GERMAN-BRAZILIAN WORKSHOP ON NEOTROPICAL ECOSYSTEMS, 2000, Hamburg. Programa and abstracts... Hamburg: University, 2000.
Pages: p. 259.
Description: Comparisons between north x south direction and DBH height x top position of trees from three species of genus Hymenaea sp. (eight years) were collected in plantation and Hymenaea intermedia (not determined) was collecte from natural sites. We conclude that in spite of the plantation grown tree show tendency of adult wood characteristics, there is still a large variation of those characteristics, as inside as between trees of the same specie. The variation will decrease with the change from juvenile to adult growth of constituents elements of the wood. We suggest to do more studies not only with species Hymenaea but with others woody Amazonian species, as well.
Thesagro: Espécie
Propriedade Físico-Química
NAL Thesaurus: Hymenaea
Keywords: Anatomia vegeta
Chemicophysical properties
Woody anatomy
Type of Material: Resumo em anais e proceedings
Access: openAccess
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