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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Rondônia - Nota Técnica/Nota Científica (ALICE)
Date Issued: 1994
Type of Material: Nota Técnica/Nota Científica (ALICE)
Authors: COSTA, N. de L.
Additional Information: Embrapa Rondonia - C.Postal 406, 78900-000, Porto Velho, Rondonia.
Title: Evaluación agronómica de accesiones de Panicum maximum en Rondonia, Brasil
Publisher: Pasturas Tropicales, Cali, v.16, n.2, p.44-47, 1994.
Language: Espanhol
Keywords: Pannicum maximum
Avaliacao agronomica
Ouro Preto D'Oeste
Description: From november 1987 througt octuber 1989, 20 Panicum maximum accessions were evaluated on an Ultisol of the Ouro Preto D'Oeste Experimental Station, Rondonia, Brazil (tropical rain forest), for dry matter (DM) yield, leaf/stem radio relatioship, crude protein (CP) content, and vitro DM digestibility (IVDMD). Evaluations were every 6 weeks in two periods of maximum precipitation (1.621 mm) and every 12 weeks in two periods of minimum precipitation (142mm). Differences (P<0..5) were found in all ecotypes for the characteristics evaluated. According to the results, the most promising ecotypes for the area are CPAC-3012, 3003, 3024, 3072, 3063, 3060, 3016, 3028, and 3055.
Thesagro: Capim Colonião
Data Created: 1997-12-09
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