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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Bacillus thuringiensis: este auxiliar ainda pouco conhecido.CAPALBO, D. M. F.
2017Conyza canadensis: green extraction method of bioactive compounds and evaluation of their antifungal activity.PORTO, R. S.; RATH, S.; QUEIROZ, S. C. do N. de
2023Diversity of viruses and viroids in the rhizosphere of common bean cultivars differing in resistance to the fungal root pathogen Fusarium oxysporum.BRAGA, L. P.; TANENTZAP, A. J.; LEE, B.; TSAI, S. M.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; MENDES, R.; MENDES, L. W.
2017Draft genome sequence of plant growth-promoting drought-tolerant Bacillus sp. strain CMAA 1363 isolated from the Brazilian Caatinga biome.KAVAMURA, V. N.; SANTOS, S. N.; TAKETANI, R. G.; VASCONCELLOS, R. L. F.; MELO, I. S. de
2016Effects of feed restriction and forage: concentrate ratio on digestibility, methane emission, and energy utilization by goats.LIMA, A. R. C.; FERNANDES, M. H. M. R.; TEIXEIRA, I. A. M. A.; FRIGHETTO, R. T. S.; BOMPADRE, T. F. V.; BIAGIOLI, B.; MEISTER, N. C.; RESENDE, K. T. de
2020First report of Geotrichum candidum causing sour-rot of melon in Brazil.HALFELD-VIEIRA, B. de A.; TERAO, D.; NECHET, K. de L.
2016First report of Myrothecium roridum causing Myrothecium leaf spot on begonia in Brazil.FUJINAWA, M. F.; PONTES, N. de C.; SANTOS, N. F.; HALFELD-VIEIRA, B. de A.
2019Genome sequence of Streptomyces cavourensis 1AS2a, a rhizobacterium isolated from the brazilian Cerrado biome.VARGAS HOYOS, H. A.; SANTOS, S. N.; PADILLA, G.; MELO, I. S. de
2012Validação de método multirresíduo para determinação de pesticidas em alimentos empregando QuEChERs e UPLC-MS/MS.QUEIROZ, S. C. do N. de; FERRACINI, V. L.; ROSA, M. A.