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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A agrobiodiversidade na agricultura familiar no Acre.SIVIERO, A.; MORATO, E. F.; MENDES, R.
2023A multi-attribute approach to evaluating the impact of biostimulants on crop performance.MENDES, R.; BARROS, I. de; D'ANDRÉA, P. A.; D'ANDRÉA-KÜHL, M. S. C.; RODRIGUES, G. S.
2015Analysis of the rhizosphere microbial communities of common beans resistant and susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2014Analysis of the rhizospheric microbial community of common bean resistant to soil pathogen.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2015Aspectos sociais e econômicos dos agricultores orgânicos do Baixo Acre.SIVIERO, A.; MENDES, R.
2018Back to the roots: revealing beneficial interactions between the rhizosphere microbiome and wild wheat.ROSSMANN, M.; PÉREZ-JARAMILLO, J. E.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; KAVAMURA, V. N.; DUMACK, K.; FIORE-DONNO, A. M.; MENDES, L. W.; BONKOWSKI, M.; MAUCHLINE, T.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; MENDES, R.
2008Bactérias isoladas da rizosfera de Rhizophora mangle usadas no biocontrole de Pythium aphanidermathum.SOARES JÚNIOR, F. L.; MENDES, R.; MATTOS, L. V. de; PINTO, Z. V.; CANOVA, S. P.; MELO, I. S. de
2014Biodiversidade e bioprospecção de micro-organismos na Caatinga.MELO, I. S. de; MORAES, L. A. B.; QUEIROZ, S. C. do N. de; MENDES, R.; FIORE, M. de F.; PELLIZARI, V. H.; TAKETANI, R. G.; MELO, S.; SOUZA, A. O. de; KAVAMURA, V.; SANTOS, S. N.; OLIVEIRA, V. M.; NAKAYAMA, C. R.
2023Bioprospection and extracts chemical characterization of plant growth promoting bacteria and antagonists of agricultural pests.MACEDO, E. de M.; MENDES, R.; ANGOLINI, C. F. F.
2018Breeding for resistance to soil-borne pathogen impacts rhizosphere microbiome functions in common bean.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; TSAI, S. M.
2015Composition and functionality of the wild and cultivated common bean rhizosphere microbiome.FLORES, S. W. S.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; ROSSMANN, M.; MENDES, R.
2015Composition of fungal communities in soil and endophytic in raspberry production systems.ROMAGNOLI, E. M.; MENDES, R.; DUNLAP, C.
2008O consumo de produtos agroecológicos no Acre.SIVIERO, A.; ABREU, L. S. de; MENDES, R.; GOMES, F. C. da R.
2008O consumo de produtos agroecológicos no Acre.SIVIERO, A.; ABREU, L. S. de; MENDES, R.; GOMES, F. C. da R.
2015Cross-kingdom similarities in microbiome ecology and biocontrol of pathogens.BERG, G.; KRAUSE, R.; MENDES, R.
2014Deciphering microbial landscapes of fish eggs to mitigate emerging diseases.BRUIJN, I.; LIU, Y.; JACK, A. L. H.; DRYNAN, K.; BERG, A. H.; THOEN, E.; SANDOVAL-SIERRA, V.; SKAAR, I.; WEST, P.; VOORT, M. van der; MENDES, R.; MAZZOLA, M.; RAAIJMAKERS, J.
2019Deciphering rhizosphere microbiome assembly of wild and modern common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in native and agricultural soils from Colombia.PEREZ-JARAMILLO, J. E.; HOLLANDER, M. de; RAMÍREZ, C. A.; MENDES, R.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; CARRIÓN, V. J.
2013Deep into to the bacterial communities living in sheep rumen.ROMAGNOLI, E. M.; NATEL, A. S.; FAGUNDES, G. G.; DURRER, A.; TAKETANI, R. G.; LOUVANDINI, H; ABDALLA, A. L.; MENDES, R.
2013Descoberta da dinâmica do microbioma da rizosfera de mandacaru na caatinga.FERREIRA, C.; TAKETANI, R. G.; SILVA, J. L. da; GAVA, C. A. T.; LOPES, L. D.; MELO, I. S. de; MENDES, R.
2023Diversity of viruses and viroids in the rhizosphere of common bean cultivars differing in resistance to the fungal root pathogen Fusarium oxysporum.BRAGA, L. P.; TANENTZAP, A. J.; LEE, B.; TSAI, S. M.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; MENDES, R.; MENDES, L. W.