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dc.contributor.authorFREITAS NETO, M.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPEREIRA, T. N. S.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorGERONIMO, I. G. C.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorAZEVEDO, A. O. N.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorRAMOS, S. R. R.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPEREIRA, M. G.pt_BR
dc.descriptionCoconuts (Cocos nucifera L.) are tropical palm trees that are classified into Tall and Dwarf types based on height, and both types are diploid (2n = 2x = 32 chromosomes). The reproduction mode is autogamous for Dwarf types and allogamous for Tall types. One hypothesis for the origin of the Dwarf coconut suggests that it is a Tall variant that resulted from either mutation or inbreeding, and differences in genome size between the two types would support this hypothesis. In this study, we estimated the genome sizes of 14 coconut accessions (eight Tall and six Dwarf types) using flow cytometry. Nuclei were extracted from leaf discs and stained with propidium iodide, and Pisum sativum (2C = 9.07 pg DNA) was used as an internal standard. Histograms with good resolution and low coefficients of variation (2.5 to 3.2%) were obtained. The 2C DNA content ranged from 5.72 to 5.48 pg for Tall accessions and from 5.58 to 5.52 pg for Dwarf accessions. The mean genome sizes for Tall and Dwarf specimens were 5.59 and 5.55 pg, respectively. Among all accessions, Rennel Island Tall had the highest mean DNA content (5.72 pg), whereas West African Tall had the lowest (5.48 pg). The mean coconut genome size (2C = 5.57 pg, 2M. Freitas Neto et al.©FUNPEC-RP Genetics and Molecular Research 15 (1): gmr.15017470 corresponding to 2723.73 Mbp/haploid set) was classified as small. Only small differences in genome size existed among the coconut accessions, suggesting that the Dwarf type did not evolve from the Tall type.pt_BR
dc.publisherGenetics and Molecular Research, v. 15, n. 1, february, 2016.pt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofEmbrapa Tabuleiros Costeiros - Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)pt_BR
dc.subjectCocos nucifera Lpt_BR
dc.subjectDNA contentpt_BR
dc.subjectCoconut accessionspt_BR
dc.subjectPalm treept_BR
dc.titleCoconut genome size determined by flow cytometry: tall versus dwarf types.pt_BR
dc.typeArtigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)pt_BR
dc.ainfo.lastupdate2018-01-26 -02:00:00pt_BR
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