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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Gene Expression in the Salivary Gland of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus Fed on Tick-Susceptible and Tick-Resistant Hosts.GIACHETTO, P. F.; CUNHA, R. C.; NHANI JUNIOR, A.; GARCIA, M. V.; FERRO, J. A.; ANDREOTTI, R.
2020Genomic evaluation for novel stayability traits in Nellore cattle.RAMOS, P. V. B.; SILVA, F. F. e; SILVA, L. O. C. da; SANTIAGO, G. G.; MENEZES, G. R. de O.; VIANA, J. M. S.; TORRES JUNIOR, R. A. de A.; GONDO, A.; LUIZ F. BRITO
2020Prediction of Girolando cattle weight by means of body measurements extracted from images.WEBER, V. A. de M.; WEBER, F. de L.; GOMES, R. da C.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, A. da S.; MENEZES, G. V.; ABREU, U. G. P. de; BELETE, N. A. de S.; PISTORI, H.
2020Water requirements of beef production can be reduced by genetic selection.PEREIRA, G. M.; EGITO, A. A. do; GOMES, R. da C.; RIBAS, M. M.; TORRES JUNIOR, R. A. de A.; FERNANDES JUNIOR, J. A.; MENEZES, G. R. de O.
2020Infrared thermography for evaluation of the environmental thermal comfort for livestock.BARRETO, C. D.; ALVES, F. V.; RAMOS, C. E. C. de O.; LEITE, M. C. de P.; LEITE, L. C.; KARVATTE JUNIOR, N.
2020Control of contaminants in the in vitro establishment of Guadua latifolia.LEÃO, J. R. A.; RAPOSO, A.; SILVA, A. C. L. da; SAMPAIO, P. de T. B.
2020Animal performance and sward characteristics of Mombaça guineagrass pastures subjected to two grazing frequencies.ALVARENGA, C. A. F.; EUCLIDES, V. P. B.; MONTAGNER, D. B.; SBRISSIA, A. F.; BARBOSA, R. A.; ARAUJO, A. R. de
2020Serological and molecular detection of Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii in human umbilical cord blood and placental tissue samples.DUARTE, P. O.; OSHIRO, L. M.; ZIMMERMANN, N. P.; CSORDAS, B. G.; DOURADO, D. M.; BARROS, J. C.; ANDREOTTI, R.
2020Spotted fever group Rickettsia and Borrelia sp. Cooccurrence in Amblyomma sculptum in the Midwest region of Brazil.HIGA, L. de O. S.; CSORDAS, B. G.; GARCIA, M. V.; OSHIRO, L. M.; DUARTE, P. O.; BARROS, J. C.; ANDREOTTI, R.
2020Correlation between Rhipicephalus microplus ticks and Anaplasma marginale infection in various cattle breeds in Brazil.MARTINS, K. R.; GARCIA, M. V.; BONATTE JUNIOR, P.; DUARTE, P. O.; HIGA, L. O. S. de; CSORDAS, B. G.; BARROS, J. C.; ANDREOTTI, R.