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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparative analysis of the essential oil yield and chemical composition of leaves and fruits of Campomanesia xanthocarpa Berg and C. guaviroba (DC.) Kiaersk. (Myrtaceae).SILVA, T. D.; TROMBIN-SOUZA, MICHELE; TROMBIN-SOUZA, MIRELI; BIZZO, H. R.; DESCHAMPS, C.
2015The effects of different culture conditions on the production of volatiles from Lippia origanoides Kunth (Verbenaceae).CASTILHO, C. V. V.; SILVA, V. D.; MIRANDA, C. de O.; SANTOS, M. C. S.; BIZZO, H. R.; SILVA, N. C. B. da; LEITÃO, S. G.
2015Evaluation on chemical composition of essential oil from Lippia sidoides with different storage conditions.GAMA, P. E.; ASSIS, M. B. de; KANO, C.; CHAGAS, E. C.; OLIVEIRA, M. R.; CHAVES, F. C. M.; BIZZO, H. R.
2015Bioproducts from different Brazilian plants with antimicrobial activities against sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB).SOUZA, P. M.; MARQUES, J. M.; BIZZO, H. R.; ALVIANO, D. S.; ALVIANO, C. S.; SELDIN, L.
2015Seasonal analysis of the volatile constituents present in fresh (recent) and solid (aged) Oil-resin formed in Protium heptaphyllum.OLIVEIRA, P. C. de; ALBINO, R. da C.; BIZZO, H. R.; GAMA, P. E.; OLIVEIRA, D. R. de
2015Development and evaluation of an inhalation chamber for in vivo tests with drugs administered by pulmonary route.SILVA, E. R. da; OLIVEIRA, D. R. de; BIZZO, H. R.; VEIGA JUNIOR, V. F. da; LEITÃO, S. G.
2015Seasonal yield and chemical composition of the essential oil from Lippia origanoides Kunth and its relationship with meteorological elements in the Cerrado, Federal District, Brazil.ALONSO, A. M.; OLIVEIRA, A. D. de; MALAQUIAS, J. V.; GOMES, I. da S.; SILVA, D. B. da; BIZZO, H. R.; VIEIRA, R. F.
2015Essential oil yield and composition of Baccharis species from Araucaria Forest of Parana State, Brazil.TROMBIN-SOUZA, MICHELE; TROMBIN-SOUZA, MIRELI; SILVA, T. D.; AMARAL, W.; PASCOALINO, J. A. L.; BIZZO, H. R.; DESCHAMPS, C.
2015Chemical characterization and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from Brazilian Cerrado species.SANTOS, M. C. da S.; VIEIRA, R. F.; ALVIANO, D. S.; BIZZO, H. R.
2014Chemical characterization of the essential oil of Baccharis reticularia DC. from three locations of Distrito Federal, Brazil.SANTANA, H.; BIZZO, H. R.; MATOS, J. K. A.; SILVA, J. P. da; VIEIRA, R. F.