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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Biofortified common bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.) as iron and zinc sources in brazilian population diet.JUNIOR, L.; SANTOS, D.; BASSINELLO, P.; PELOSO, M.; MELO, L.; DIAZ, J.; GUIMARAES, C.; BEEBE, S.; CARVALHO, J.; NUTTI, M.
2009Development of maize cultivars for higher pro-vitamin A carotenoids content in Brazil.GUIMARAES, P.; PAES, M.; SCHAFFER, R.; RIBEIRO, P.; RIOS, S.; CARDOSO, W.; QUEIROZ, V.; CARVALHO, J.; NUTTI, M.
2009Local variety as a source of biofortified rice in Brazil.NEVES, P.; CARVALHO, J.; BASSINELLO, P.; PEREIRA, J.; NUTTI, M.; FONSECA, J.; MORAIS, O.; COELHO, D.; JUNIOR, L.
2009Carotenoid retention in orange flesh sweet potato flour during storage.MACEDO, R.; CARVALHO, P.; SILVA, J.; NUTTI, M.; CARVALHO, J.
2009Quality evaluation of orange flesh sweet potato flour in storage for two years.LEASTRO, D.; SILVA, J.; NUTTI, M.; CARVALHO, J.
2009Development of cassava (Manihot esculenta, L.) and orange flesh sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas, L.) products: an application for biofortified crops.SILVA, E.; RANGEL, C.; ASCHERI, J.; WATANABE, E.; SILVA, J.; FUKUDA, W.; CARVALHO, J.; NUTTI, M.; SALVADOR, L.
2009Breeding cassava for enhancement of carotenoid in the biofortification program in Brazil.FUKUDA, W.; OLIVEIRA, L.; PEREIRA, M.; CEBALLOS, H.; CARVALHO, J.; NUTTI, M.; DITA, M.
2009Development of maize cultivars for higher zinc and iron content and bioavailability in Brazil.GUIMARAES, P.; QUEIROZ, V.; SCHAFFER, R.; RIBEIRO, M.; PAES, M.; NUTTI, M.; CARVALHO, J.
2009The biofortification program in Brazil.NUTTI, M.; CARVALHO, J.; FUKUDA, W.; PELOSO, M.; SCHAFFER, R.; NEVES, P.; ROCHA, M.; SILVA, J.; SCHEEREN, P.
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