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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Utilization of cupuaçu seeds as raw material for chocolate-like products: variability of morphological traits and biochemistry of aroma potential.REISDORFF, C.; ROHSIUS, C.; MÜLLER, S.; SOUZA, A. das G. C. de; LIEBEREI, R.
2002Microbial biomass and activity in two cultivation systems on the SHIFT experimental area near Manaus.MARINO, W. da S.; SILVA, J. P. da; MARSCHNER, P.; LIEBEREI, R.
2002Tree growth and wood quality of Ceiba pentandra (sumaúma) grown of "terra firme" and "varzea" sites.AZEVEDO, C. P. de; DÜNISCH, O.; CALIRI, G.; SOUSA, N. R.; GASPAROTTO, L.; BAUCH, J.; LEEUWEN, J. van.
2002Wood anatomical and technological properties of three species of Hymenaea L. (jatobá) on plantation and naturally grown trees.ATAYDE, C.; SILVA, M.; DÜNISCH, O.
2002Influence of the water supply on the cambial growth dynamics of Swietenia macrophylla King under controlled conditions.MORAIS, R.; DÜNISCH, O.; GASPAROTTO, L.
2002Single tree-effects on denitrification and soil microbial biomass in agroforestry systems and natural forests of the Amazon region.MENYAILO, O.; LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M.; ZECH, W.
2002Heartwood formation and durability of the wood of plantation grown tree species of the central Amazon.DÜNISCH, O.; SCHWARZ, T.; GASPAROTTO, L.; CORREIA, A. A.; MONTÓIA, V.
2002Fertilization effects on soil P, K, Ca and Mg contents in a mixed tree cropping system in Central Amazonia.MOTA, M. do S.; LEHMANN, J.; SCHROTH, G.
2002Morphological traits and ecological behavior of selected secondary forest tree species in the central Amazon.AGUIAR, M. O.; MORAIS, R. R. de; ARAÚJO, R. da C.; SKATULLA, M.; PREISINGER, H.
2002Soil termites in a rainforest, a secondary forest and mixed-culture plantation sites in central Amazonia.MARTIUS, C.; SILVA, E. G.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; MORAIS, J. W. de