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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bioaccessibility of contaminants of emerging concern in raw and cooked commercial seafood species: insights for food safety risk assessment.ALVES, R. N.; MAULVAULT, A. L.; BARBOSA, V. L.; FERNANDEZ-TEJEDOR, M.; RAMBLA-ALEGRE, M.; CAMPÀS, M.; REVERTÉ, L.; DIOGÈNE, J.; TEDIOSIE, A.; KWADIJK, C. J. A. F.; KOTTERMAN, M.; VAN DEN HEUVEL, F. H. M.; ROBBENS, J.; CUNHA, S.; FERNANDES, J. O.; RASMUSSEN, R. R.; SLOTH, J. J.; ALVAREZ-MUÑOZ, D.; RODRÍGUEZ-MOZAZ, S.; AZNAR-ALEMANY, Ò.; ELJARRAT, E.; BARCELÓ, D.; MANITA, D.; BRAGA, A. C.; FOGACA, F. H. dos S.; COSTA, P. R.; MARQUES, A.
2019Bioaccessibility of metals in seafood: risk to human health.FOGACA, F. H. dos S.; ALVES, R.; BARBOSA, V.; MAULVAULT, A. L.; ANACLETO, P.; CAMACHO, C.; BANDARRA, N.; MARQUES, A.
2016Coping with antidepressants in a changing ocean: behavioural implications in juvenile meagre (Argyrosomus regius) exposed to venlafaxine.MAULVAULT, A. L.; PAULA, J. R.; CAMACHO, C.; BARBOSA, V.; ALVES, R.; FOGACA, F. H. dos S.; ANACLETO, P.; PISSARRA, V.; DINIZ, M.; MARQUES, A.; ROSA, R.
2015Different tools to trace geographic origin and seasonality of croaker (Micropogonias furnieri).CHAGURI, M. P.; MAULVAULT, A. L.; NUNES, M. L.; SANTIAGO, D. A.; DENADAI, J. C.; FOGACA, F. H.; SANT'ANA, L. S.; DUCATTI, C.; BANDARRA, N.; CARVALHO, M. L.; MARQUES, A.
2018Use of green tea to reduce methylmercury bioaccessibility in raw and cooked fish.ANACLETO, P.; BARBOSA, V.; ALVES, R.; MAULVAULT, A. L.; FOGACA, F. H. dos S.; LANGERHOLC, T.; MARQUES, A.