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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Simultaneous determination of carotenoids and tocochromanols from palm hybrid oil by hplc with photodiode array and fluorescence detectors.BIZZO, H. R.; MACHADO, A. F. de F.; GUEDES, A. M. M.; WILHELM, A. E.; PACHECO, S.; GODOY, R. L. de O.; ANTONIASSI, R.
2016Rapid portable GC-MS analysis for on-site screening of phytochemical leaf oils in an Australian Native Botanic Garden.WONG, Y. F.; YAN, D.; BIZZO, H. R.; MARRIOTT, P. J.
2015Determinação de compostos fenólicos em azeite de oliva.MACHADO, A. F. de F.; WILHELM, A. E.; ANTONIASSI, R.; SILVA, R. P. D.; BIZZO, H. R.
2015Composition of essential oils from the species Ardisia humilis and Myrsine lineata (Primulaceae).FRANÇA, J. V.; DEFAVERI, A. C. A. e; LUNA, B. N. de; BIZZO, H. R.; SATO, A.
2015In vitro evaluation of inhibitory activity of some species of croton and piper essential oils in secreted proteases of Pseudallescheria boydii.AZEVEDO, M. M. B. de; ALMEIDA, C. A.; FREITAS, F. C.; BERGTER, E. B.; BIZZO, H. R.; ALVIANO, C. S.; ALVIANO, D. S.
2015Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities of Marsypianthes sp. essential oil.NASCIMENTO. T. S.; CARVALHO, P. R.; SILVA, R. F.; ALVES, R. B. N.; GOMES, I. S.; SILVA, D. B.; VIEIRA, R. F.; BIZZO, H. R.; REZENDE, C. M.; FERNANDES, P. D.; CORDEIRO, N. M.
2015Analysis of essential oils from breu samples collected in Alto Erepecuru region, Brazilian Amazon.SILVA, E. R. da; OLIVEIRA, D. R. de; BIZZO, H. R.; MELO, M. de F. F.; LEITÃO, S. G.
2015Floral volatile profile of Dendrobium nobile (Orchidaceae) in circadian cycle by dynamic headspace in vivo.SILVA, R. F.; UEKANE, T. M.; REZENDE, C. M.; BIZZO, H. R.
2015Volatile profiling of Arnicão (Lychnophora salicifolia), a wild medicinal species from Brazilian Cerrado.VIEIRA, R. F.; SGORBINI, B.; BIZZO, H. R.; RUBIOLO, P.; BICCHI, C.
2015Production of rhizomes, content and composition of essential oil of accessions of turmeric in response to nitrogen.OKA, J. M.; CHAVES, F. C. M.; BERNI, R.; CUNHA, A. L. B. da; BIZZO, H. R.; GAMA, P. E.