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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Development of maize cultivars for higher zinc and iron content and bioavailability in Brazil.GUIMARAES, P.; QUEIROZ, V.; SCHAFFER, R.; RIBEIRO, M.; PAES, M.; NUTTI, M.; CARVALHO, J.
2009Formulation and quality evaluation of a clarified mixed fruit juice.CANDÉA, T. V.; NAKANO, L. A.; MATTIETTO, R. A.; CABRAL, L. M. C.; MATTA, V. M.
2009Irradiation of camu camu (Myrciaria dúbia) pulp.FREIRE JUNIOR, M.; SANTOS, J.; SOARES, A. G.; FONSECA, M.; CABRAL, L. M. C.
2009Effect of pre-treatment on açaí pulp microfiltration process.MONTEIRO, F. S.; GOMES, F. S.; MATTIETTO, R. A.; CABRAL, L. M. C.; MATTA, V. M.
2006Antimicrobial activity Cymbopogon citratus essential oil.TUPINAMBÁ, G. S.; RIVAS, A. C.; ALVIANO, W. S.; SILVA, D. O. e; ALMEIDA, C. A.; BIZZO, H. R.; ALVIANO, C. S.; ALVIANO, D. S.
2006Antimicrobial activity of Lippia lacunosa and Lippia rotundifolia essential oils.CARVALHO, M. G. de; OLIVEIRA, D. R. de; LEITÃO, G. G.; LOPES, D.; BIZZO, H. R.; ALVIANO, C. S.; ALVIANO, D. S.; LEITÃO, S. G.
2006Comparative analysis of the volatile constituents of in vitro and ex vitro plants of Petiveria alliacea L.CASTELLAR, A.; MANSUR, E.; BIZZO, H. R.; LEITÃO, S. G.
2008Planning of experiments for validation (collaborative inter-laboratory study) of methods for detection and quantification of frauds and impurities in roasted and grounded coffee.FREITAS, S. C. de; GONÇALVES, E. B.; CARDOZO, G. M. B. Q.; STEPHAN, M. P.; SILVA, B. A.
2008Volatile composition of concentrated aroma extracts of soluble coffee beverage obtained by pervaporation.BIZZO, H. R.; OLIVEIRA, A.; CABRAL, L. M. C.; FREITAS, S. P.
2008Sensory profiling and external preference mapping of coffee beverages with different levels of defective beans.DELIZA, R.; MARTINELI, M.; FARAH, A.